About us

About us

We compose a team of extraordinarily effective and experienced practitioners of business. We support other companies in their development, offering them our expertise and knowledge. We provide consulting services based on highest competence. Our proficiency in the area of sales, marketing and process optimization is based both on our long term work experience in international companies on executive posts and on the knowledge gained during studies at prestigious academies in Poland and abroad, including MBA programs.

We specialize in the activities consisting in both planning and implementing the established business goals, as well as in working up entirely new strategies.

Cooperating with us gives our Clients the comfort of efficient developing and further implementing activities of the particular area of their business enterprise.


Why do companies choose us?

They are aware of the distinguishing marks of our company. They also appreciate the significant advantages of cooperation with us:

We encourage you to contact us.

Best regards,

Marlena Skiba
Managing Director


What is the source of our effectiveness? It is the fact that we thoroughly know the areas in which we specialize. We know exactly what we are doing and we do it unprecedentedly effectively. How do we know that? Above all, from what our Clients say in their reference letters which you can read here: reference letters.

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