Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Depending on the current needs of the company, the objectives that he wants to implement, we propose:
  • Developing of the strategy,
  • Supervision of the strategies implementation,
  • Audit actions – Review of the current conditions,
  • “Quick wins” – tips on how to quickly repair the sensitive points of the actions.

After the development of our strategy, we will provide you with a document containing all the necessary guidelines that will determine the actions through the implementation of which the company will reach its objectives. Thanks to the analysis of your situation, the market, the potential use of resources and our expertise and experience, we will recommend all the necessary activities which will construct a plan of actions. Placing them in the timeline, and assigning them proper people are the path of success.

The implementation of all the assumptions will bring your company success!

We suggest our support by means of outsourcing. You can entrust us with the work, which you can not delegate to your own employees at any given moment.


During this type of cooperation, our team has taken all the necessary duties starting with naming of the product, through developing a “claim”, and elements of packaging materials, to identify the target group, the respective advantages of a product, customer segmentation and a selection of medium, which will most fully reach the target group. During this type of work you can count on smooth cooperation with us, through which we periodically inform you at what stage we are currently in and what are the next steps that should be taken.


After finishing the work we provide you with a completed work and your task is to supervise its implementation, verify the achievement of another goals, previously defined on the timeline.

Depending on the current market position of the company and its needs, outsourcing consulting services to us, you are guaranteed the implementation of the target. Whatever it is – whether you need to effectively reach the potential clients, or negotiate more favorable terms of cooperation with subcontractors, partners – we support you with its 20-year experience.


Working with us, you unburden your busy team, allowing them to focus on its existing tasks. You give yourself the right to realize the project, despite the tight schedule. You have the opportunity to impartially assess the situation and above all you will get from us an effective strategy for achieving the objectives of the Company.

Upon receiving the request, we react on the same day, both for the inquiries made by the phone and by e-mail. Then we arrange a meeting with you where we present our company and how it works, its performance and most of all we familiarize ourselves with your needs in detail.


After a detailed discussion of your expectations, we will discuss the timing of our proposal of cooperation,. It happens most often within 7 days

Most of all, taking up this type of work we analyze the structure of the offer and who it reaches and how. With this knowledge we can identify elements that need improvement and the way how to do it. This results in reaching potential customers in a more efficient way and thus the number of clients grows.

In taking up we work always stress that our portfolio includes both small businesses and large corporations. It does not matter how many employees you have. We are happy to help all those who are aware that they need it.

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