Advantages of cooperation

Saving time and money


When managing an enterprise one has to be aware of one very significant regularity: unnecessary expenses are generated not only as a result of bad decisions or improper activities. Paradoxically, it’s the lack of certain activities that can significantly burden company’s budget.

Why is it so?

In the majority of companies, workers are charged with many duties. They are able to perform only the current and urgent tasks. The time runs against them and obstructs the possibility of performing the remaining ones. Those, even though are also important, often get postponed. Not seldom it happens that the planned deadlines are very distant or even impossible to achieve – as a result of that many tasks never get accomplished… Therefore, several questions occur:

  • What is the price of lack of activity?
  • What is the cost of the unobtained income and the lost opportunities?
  • How much does a devalued idea cost?

Of course, among all of the tasks of the company there are also those which can by executed later, without any negative influence on the budget. But still in the majority of cases, the running time counts against the enterprise. Meanwhile, it’s competition can implement the same idea and the lack of improvement in the business processes unnecessarily burden the company with costs.

Companies who do not have any Staff resources At the moment, call us for support. As a result, they save their time and can focus on executing their own business plans and goals. Our team immediately undertakes specific actions that support the development of particular entity.

Enterprises that choose us know that working overtime causes increase of workers’ efficiency, due to their fatigue. Besides, the cost of the “overtimes” is high, and employing new staff only for a sever month project is uneconomical, due to:

  • the cost and time spend on preparing new recruitment process,
  • the cost and time spend on training the new personnel,
  • the moral cost of their dismissal.

Having a great experience we specify our Client’s needs and define them precisely. We work up the mechanisms and schedules for our actions and we implement them. After the implementation process, our Client’s staff takes the charge.

Thanks to our expertise our Clients improve their efficiency and economize their expenses.

„The conversations and agreements carried on by Usługi Doradcze Smart Solutions company on our behalf, allowed us to relieve our team while we could keep taking care of our core business, at the same time being sure that each and every matter would be arranged properly, taking into account all the smallest details.”
President of Board

“Additionally Ms Marlena Skiba kept, on behalf of us, several negotiations that always resulted in good terms. As an example, owing to the skills of Ms Skiba, we have saved 10% on one of contracts and I would like to mention that this was a very high value saving.”
President of Board

Examples of Our Clients
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