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Marketing consulting for companies


Marketing consulting includes, among others, the study of:

  • The size of the market,
  • The availability of complementary products,
  • The number of the substitution products,
  • The size of the target group.

Conducting market analysis allows us to accurately determine the position of your products and verify their prices. Any change in price range, resulting from the analysis, is carried out by:

  • Changing product categories,
  • Stressing their values,
  • Improvement of product quality,
  • Packaging change,
  • Price change (also price increase).
Consulting for companies should include solutions, which do not only meet the clients’ needs, but can also prevent them from negative financial consequences of their own decisions, not to mention imperfect planning.
It refers to the processes of creating brand awareness.
We have encountered clients, who strove to increase sales and profits only by means of repositioning the product, i.e. moving it to a higher category. However, taking into consideration product qualities and budget we have suggested not to do so.
By presenting the estimated promotion costs of the product in the Premium class and resulting from it sales decrease (the higher category of the product, the lower sales because of limited target group. Besides, the Premium product requires extremely good quality, it is not enough just to name it so), we have talked the clients out of their decisions, offering instead much more effective ways to increase sales, i.e. increase of the market share and profit growth.
As a result of our activities, after a thorough analysis, we have implemented various step-by-step solutions, which allowed to make use of the client’s capacities (production and sales back-up). All these factors taken together made it possible to make a harmonious and effective creation of a Premium brand.
Apart from the above-mentioned tasks, we determine the necessary expenses which need to be spent to create brand awareness for individual products and services. Our consulting provided for companies and marketing strategies resulting from it take into consideration financial possibilities of the companies. It allows us to prepare an effective promotion schedule.
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Specifying the price range for products and services can be carried out after the market study, which is based on the analysis of competition, the characteristics of their products and services and benefits they bring to users.


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