External view


Vast majority of our Clients own companies that have very highly qualified and competent staff with long term experience in business. They hire many skilled managers, holding offices in accordance to their education. They are professionals.

Why therefore do they need our help?

They choose our company in order to let other professionals give an external, unbiased and independent opinion. To let them indicate new, so far unexplored development opportunities, expansion paths, taking into consideration the long term assumptions of the company.

Very often it so happens that the companies notice the area that needs modification, but the emotional attachment and personal fondness make them unwilling to perform any changes. They want to avoid controversial decisions and new problems. They need us to look at their activity from another angle and evaluate it in a coolheaded and calm manner.

Moreover, sometimes the companies are too concentrated on one area (with reference to business in general or to managing a company) that at the moment is the most important for them. They feel that due to the constant engagement in one field, they loose the sense of objectivity.

It is extremely hard to take command over a multi element mechanism like a large enterprise. It is even harder to perform it objectively and impartially, at the same time seeing to all current and urgent issues. This is exactly the area in which we support our Clients giving them the possibility to gain time and money, developing their companies and focusing on the most important tasks, requiring their competence.

The trump of every well managed enterprise is the involvement to its development, great knowledge of the branch, competence and long history. Our fresh and objective external view constitutes a perfect supplement for that. It helps to fairly evaluate particular situation and give suggestions or guidelines.

“(…) Very detailed and thorough analysis of all of the provided documents and data unburdened our company and gave us the possibility of not involving the whole team into the verification of the received data. Thanks to this effort, we were able to obtain the effects of the analysis much faster and in a definitely better form than we could ever prepare by ourselves. (…)”
Operative Manager

„First cooperation project referred to the general audit of the works of Call Center department, which enclosed a wide spectrum of issues regarding customer service and sales process. After implementing the modifications suggested after the audit we were very satisfied and happy with the achieved result and inivited Usługi Doradcze Smart Solutions to take part in another enterprise whose aim was to improve the activities of Sales Department.”
Vice President of Board

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