Negotiation support – favorable terms of cooperation


When we get down to the works connected with negotiating, we identify the data, documents an information that need to be prepared by our Clients before the negotiations, in order to broaden the stock of their advantages.
We efficiently and skillfully assemble the necessary information which we later use for achieving success. Every time we work up different scenarios, adapting them to the possible progress of events. We capture all inconsistencies in the records and specify the contracts so that they are safe and protect our Clients from the risk of suffering a loss.
Thanks to the former definition of the Client’s minimal and maximal expectations, we know, what are the Client’s demands and what terms will satisfy him or her.
Negotiations can relate to many areas, such as:
  • terms of cooperation,
  • time of execution,
  • terms of supply,
  • value of the contract to sign,
  • price the company is ready to pay for the particular product or service,
  • price the producer is willing to push while selling his product,
  • value of the purchased land,
  • terms of launching products on the market,
  • terms of promotion,
  • marketing payments,
  • „shelf position” of a product.
We conduct negotiations in such way that does not excessively involve our Clients. Usually, after seeing how effective our work is during the first meeting, they entrusted us the continuation of negotiating process, independently. They know that their success relies on the expertise and knowledge of our professionals.
We offer you something more than just a negotiation service.
We also provide you with consulting services connected with the highly important process of preparation for the negotiations.


You might ask yourselves a question – Why to negotiate at all? After all, you can agree on the terms proposed by your counterparty. Of course, you can always do so, but:

  • Why not take advantage of the possibilities of obtaining better conditions than originally suggested?
  • Why not protect oneself from unfavorable records in the contract?
  • Isn’t it better to have the possibility of having influence upon the course of the cooperation?
  • Isn’t it better to be a partner and not only an executor?

We effectively prepare ourselves for the negotiations on behalf of our Clients. That is why they achieve favorable terms in their agreements, contracts or notary deeds. We know how to listen carefully, capture important and essential information, how to retort, counter-argue and finally persuade the partner to your standpoint.


Examples of Our Clients
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