Negotiations – Stress Relief


Negotiations – Stress Relief


Why do people use our services, if their teams are composed of experienced employees, who negotiate something for the company every day, from little things to large contracts?
Our clients come to us in this scope for many reasons. Three examples are listed below:
  • Since they want someone to relieve them of the stress.

If the clients are facing e.g. annual negotiations of contracts with their partners, which generate 40-60 percent of their turnover, the stress level is so great that it makes it difficult for them to conduct conversations of such importance.

Every negotiation provides great stress for our clients. This is why they obviously want to transfer this scope of responsibilities to us, people who are experienced in conducting business negotiations, freeing themselves from such a great mental burden.

We are devoid of the stress of our clients, since we think very rationally about a given task. About what is to be done. These conversations are very important to us as well, but we experience a different kind of pressure. It is not destructive, but stimulating.

It is usually the case that we are hired by the companies who are in the inferior negotiating position, when they are the suppliers of services or commodities, when they are very willing to continue cooperation with their partner, but the partner makes the decisions by setting higher and higher requirements.

We conduct negotiations in a very professional manner. We know that long-term cooperation is decided by the contract’s profitability to both sides, reliable provision of services, supply of good products, as well as gain, which must be enough for both parties.

  • When they do not have time to take care of the issue because they are busy with thei current, important tasks.

Sometimes the need for negotiation appears suddenly. Certain conditions change and the issue needs to be taken care of immediately. You have to sit down with your partner and define the new operating conditions. All employees are busy with current activities since the season is at its peak and there is no chance of reducing anyone’s responsibilities to send them into negotiations. Nothing can be neglected, and unplanned negotiations need to take place.

This is another reason for why clients hire us for negotiations.

  • Other skills.

But there are also companies, to which this scope of obligations is very difficult, so they hire us to professionally conduct the entire process, from the specification of the client’s needs through the idea of its realisation. Therefore, we overtake the entire assignment – from the idea to its effective conclusion.

The references from our clients clearly show that we are competent, professional, and effective. We would be glad to present them in person.




Negotiations – Stress Relief

Negotiations are a very important aspect of professional life. In fact, they accompany all of us every day. We conduct negotiations concerning single commodity deliveries as well as multiple, permanent services.

We prepare our work very reliably and analyse the entire history of the cooperation, therefore we need information on the entire spectrum of the activity of both companies within the last months, years.



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