Efficiently executed tender processes


We support our Clients with our expertise and experience as well as provide them with a complex attention during the hole tender process.
We thoroughly attend the process of choosing the tenderers. We take over the whole spectrum of activities: starting form the idea, going through the necessary documents, right up to ascribing importance to certain criteria as well as making the choice of the tenderer.
The scope of our activities in the area of tenders begins with launching the tender process, which means:
  • working up the necessary materials,
  • preparing the bidding invitations,
  • organizing the Tender Committee,
  • choosing the tender mode,
  • choosing the tender form,
  • selecting the companies that will receive the invitation.

The next step consists in specifying the requirements that have to be satisfied by the tenderers. The activities in this area are the following:

  • preparing the Terms of Reference document together with its attachments, such as:
    • preparing all the criteria,
    • preparing the register of the documents confirming the credibility of the
    • tenderer,
    • presenting issues concerning binding by the offer.

Then we focus on the more technical aspect of tender, which is extremely important. During this phase we analyze the received cooperation offers. The next steps include:

  • preparing a framework agreement,
  • analysis of the received enquiries,
  • opening of proposals,
  • studying the offers and choosing the best one:
    • analysis of all the received documents,
    • sending particularizing questions to the tenderers,
    • analysis of the received answers,
    • presenting the conclusions,
    • making the final decision.

Still, it is not the end of the cooperation with us. We gladly supports our Client in the further activities, such as:

  • taking part in negotiations with particular tenderers,
  • choosing the tenderer,
  • cooperating with the mandator.


Cooperating with us makes you sure that the executed tender will select the best contractor who will perform the committed task on the most favorable terms in the most optimal time, inscribed in the contract. We guarantee this thanks to our specific criteria and the so-called touchstones. Basing on our experience we know that they are the determinants of success of a tender process. In fact, they are even more important than the proposed price. Through the prism of those touchstones we can most fully verify the potential of the future partner, his capacities of executing the entrusted task, the supporting capital, etc.



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