Sales increase


Profitable sales – core of every business


We indentify the most appropriate sales channels for products or services of our Client and work up all the processes. We support the development of all the sales channels by our expertise.

If you products used to sell great, but now the sales have decreased – we will analyze it and find reasons of this situation. We will analyze your competitors on the market and suggest, showing specific actions, how to make the sales increase again. We will indicate best defined target groups for the products or services of your company. With our help, you will quickly reach desired sales results.

You’ve got plenty of aims and goals, but have no idea which of them you should execute first? Time runs against you and you lack the possibility to see that everything is done properly and on time? We will prepare you a schedule of your actions and help you implement it, taking care of the time limits required for the proper execution.

If you happen not to have time to implement a prepared strategy (as it is obvious that without a proper implementation even the best strategy can fail) – we will help you put it into practice, or we will do it completely for you.

The scope of our activity in the area of sales can be summarized in the following subsections:

  • determining Client’s needs,
  • analyzing company’s situation,
  • analyzing the market,
  • selection of proper target groups,
  • determining proper sales channels,
  • designing the strategies basing on the company’s needs,
  • working up the plan of its implementation,
  • telemarketing,
  • merchandising,
  • choosing subcontractors,
  • help in selecting workers for sales and client service departments.

As you can see – we can either build a whole new strategy from the beginning or modify those that already exist. We adjust them to the company’s needs, its financial capacities and the expected pace of development. We emphasize which activities are realized properly and do not need any improvement, and at the same time point those in which such improvements would be recommended.

We verify the works of sales departments and the cooperation of the dependent departments, such as:

  • client service department,
  • service department,
  • marketing department,
  • production department,
  • logistics department.


Selected competencies


Cross-selling and up-selling

Customer segmentation

Loyalty and motivation programes


Sales increase

We execute wide range of sales activities , depending on the needs of our Client. In many companies most of the procedures is implemented correctly and there are just several areas that need modification. Many businesses develop properly, but still their managers and owners call us, as they want to increase and improve particular parameters, most significant for them, like:

  • number of clients,
  • turnover,
  • productivity,
  • profit margin,

or they would like to concentrate on developing one specific pillar of their activity.


Examples of Our Clients
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