Customer segmentation


Client segmentation


Thanks to our knowledge and experience we are able to direct your offer to the proper recipients.

In order to do so we need:

  • target groups to which products/services are directed,
  • the exact description of the product/service,
  • which benefits it offers,
  • how it communicates with the recipients,
  • what is its claim.

The analysis of the above-mentioned elements and many other constitutes for us a background to select and implement proper sales methods (sales strategies) and marketing (marketing strategies), which will be smoothly implemented by us to increase your sales.

Client segmentation is one of the important elements necessary to conduct effective activities with regards to sales and promotion.


Selected competencies


Cross-selling and up-selling

Customer segmentation

Loyalty and motivation programes



Sales increase

Client’s segmentation, when performed in an efficient way and implemented, results in sales increase in a very short time.

Many of the offered products, in spite of their quality and expenditures spent on the advertising do not guarantee the expected level of sales. It is mainly because of the fact that those efforts do not reach proper target groups or are not done in a proper communication language. It is not properly adjusted.


Examples of Our Clients
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