Cross-selling and up-selling


Cross-selling and up-selling


How to use the tools?

Cross-selling can be described as offering additional services or products complementing the already ordered product or service. The person who executes an order may encourage the consumer to complement the order with other elements (e.g. a laptop may be sold with an external disc, laptop bag or antivirus program). Another form of cross-selling is building up a database based on all orders. Owing to it, a company may contact its customers and satisfy their needs by offering them products related to previous orders (e.g. a shop selling bicycles and accessories may have a special offer on selected bike models for the client who has bought a bike rack for a car).

Up-selling is a tool aimed at selling a product or service whose set of features is richer than of those originally asked for by a consumer. We will use a mobile phone offer as an example. The dealer of a given brand may offer various models of phones which are better equipped than the original choice of a consumer – they may have additional applications, better memory, and more advanced software. The customer may not be originally aware of the need to have them. Of course, such additional features make the model more expensive.

What are the results?

Above all, proper use of the described tools maximises profits generated on one transaction, which in the end translates into general profit growth. They are used in transactions with customers who are already interested in buying a given product or service or with those who have already bought something in the past. These tools have one objective – the customer should buy a better version of a product or service than the originally planned or should become interested in another product complementing the one previously bought. The main advantage of these tools is that a company has nothing to lose – the customer is ready to buy anyway. However there is a lot to gain.

When to use the up-selling?

Timing is of great significance here. These tools should be used at the moment, when a customer has already decided to incur some expenses.

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Cross-selling and up-selling

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Sales increase

We offer support to companies by taking steps aimed at increasing sales of products and services. Current situation on the saturated market forces market players to sell their goods actively.

We help our Clients to choose the most effective sales tools and offer training for employees to teach them how to use the tools properly. Among many tools available we often select cross-selling and up-selling for our projects. We suggest them to those companies whose range of products and services enables the use of such tools. We even sometimes suggest expanding the offer because of the possibilities these tools provide.


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