Business development strategies

The purpose of the workshops is to discuss the significance of and possible approaches to building development strategies. Participants have the opportunity to learn not only how to build a strong strategy, but also how to implement it effectively in order to gain lasting results in terms of sales growth, strengthening of market position or more efficient cost management to name just a few.

Our coaches focus on such aspects as:

  • company’s mission and vision,
  • company positioning (so called value proposition),
  • most effective organisational models in manufacturing and services (so called Target Operating Model).

We especially draw the attention of participants to:

Before we focus in detail on internal functioning of a company, we thoroughly discuss the macro- and micro-environment directly affecting strategic decisions made by the management. The participants may also familiarise themselves with current trends in financial markets having effect on such aspect as e.g. solvency and analyse possible forms of financing business development.

The workshops cover also topics referring to performance management, where special emphasis is put on cascading strategy to levels of various sections, departments, and employees.

Special attention is also paid to discussing behavioural factors affecting strategy implementation such as the role of leaders in modern organisations.

An important element complementing the workshops is a discussion concerning:

perceived as the key issues to be considered while developing and implementing business development strategy.


Selected competencies


Strategy – success of your company






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